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Research and development

Research and development

One of our fundamental assets in ensuing our growth is the research and development department, for this reason we have been constantly investing in this since 1963.
Highly qualified staff, many years of experience and a laboratory with the latest cutting edge technologies: these elements work in symbiosis for the qualitative analysis of raw materials, the product’s supervision during the manufacturing process and the creation of unique solutions to today’s challenges.
Moreover, a group of specialized technicians is constantly at work, monitoring the sophisticated technologies and equipments fitted in our machines.

icona spessore


This refers to tape’s total thickness considering both the backing and the adhesive mass. It is specified in microns.

icona adesività


This refers to the force required to separate the tape from a particular surface. In our specific case, it determines the force required to pull a piece of adhesive tape up 180° angle off a standard steel surface.

carico rottura


The necessary strength needed to break a sample of tape. This is expressed as a force (unit of measure: Newton) divided by the sample’s width (unit of measure: cm).

icona allungamento


How much a tape will extend before breaking off in specific conditions. It is expressed in percentage of the initial length of the sample.

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