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Since its foundation in 1963, NAR has known and operated in the market of printed tapes. This, together with our particular attention towards the professional sector, makes our company the ideal partner for printers. It is from here that the product family NAR for PRINTERS is born: broad range of adhesive technologies, backings, consistent quality and dedicated packaging are the factors that make NAR the right choice.
The first product to be launched in the market was NARTAPE 140, also present in the version NARTAPE 165 with a pigmented backing. Thanks to the excellent mechanical characteristics of its support and the ease of print without pre-treatment, it has always been appreciated and used even from the most demanding users.
POLINAR 240 and POLINAR 260, with adhesive in natural rubber, are those tapes that best fit the traditional primer/release print process. The brightness of the polypropylene backing makes the colours and details of the graphics stand out.
The products in polypropylene are also available in a version suitable for direct print (POLINAR BTS line) and in a version with acrylic based adhesive (ACRILNAR line). POLINAR BTS 240 and POLINAR BTS 260, thanks to an exclusive NAR technology, can be printed with polyamide inks without the application of primer and release. Following a corona treatment and using the same inks, rolls that unwind silently can be obtained with backings in 28 micron (ACRILNAR 240 NN), 32 micron (ACRILNAR 260 NN) and 35 micron (ACRILNAR 270 NN).
The offer is complete with the ECOMASK 460, with a paper support and adhesive in natural rubber.
All products are available in the 150 or 300 mm formats and come in the practical and ecological pall box. This packing solution helps in limiting packaging waste, allows easy access to all tapes on the pallet, decreases the risk of injuries to the operators and prevents damage to the goods when using a cutter to open the pall box.

PVC backingNARTAPE 140 e 165 – direct print with vinyl resins based inks.

Polypropylene BTS backingPOLINAR BTS 240 e 260 – direct print with polyamide resins based inks.

Polypropylene backing / acrylic adhesiveACRILNAR 240 NN, 260 NN e 270 NN – after corona treatment, print with polyamide resins based inks.

Polypropylene backing / natural rubber adhesivePOLINAR 240 e 260 – traditional primer and release print with nitrocellulose resins based inks.

Paper backingECOMASK 460 – direct print with water based inks, with or without further application of release depending on the area of the print.

logo nar
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