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Excellence in technology
and performance.

Our high specialization and continuous research efforts have permitted the development of adhesive solutions unique in the market. These exclusive formulations allow us to produce tapes with performances capable of meeting the most complex requirements in terms of sealing, temperature and aging resistance, and mechanical and environmental stresses.


nastro adesivo in gomma naturale

Natural rubber - based adhesive

The adhesives with base in natural rubber, hydro carbonic resins and solvents, are used in the production of tapes with backings in PVC (NARTAPE), polypropylene (POLINAR), paper (MASKING/PAPER PACK) and mono oriented polypropylene (NARSTRAP). The various formulations allow a wide range of adhesive features and application temperatures.
Resistance, constancy and perfect balance of adhesive characteristics: our natural rubber-based products meet any requirements of packaging, protection and masking; they are suitable for applicationS with automatic sealing machines or manual dispensers.

nastri adesivi in gomma sintetica

Synthetic rubber - based adhesive

The adhesives with base in synthetic rubber are used in the production of self-adhesive tapes with support in polypropylene (POLINAR HM), paper (MASKING HM and PAPER PACK) and filament tapes (HEAVY DUTY).
With high adhesive power, excellent resistance and elevated performances, our synthetic rubber-based products meet any requirements of packaging, fixing and masking and are suitable for applications with automatic sealing machines or manual dispensers.

nastro adesivo polimeri acrilici

Acrylic polymers - based adhesive

Acrylic adhesives are used in the production of packaging tapes with support in polypropylene. They efficiently resist at aging, damage from light sources, and maintain unaltered their technical and aesthetic characteristics for a long period of time.
Used as the adhesive base of our ACRILNAR range, the aqueous dispersions of acrylic polymers permit the production of self-adhesive tapes with an excellent resistance to low temperatures after its application.




The support in PVC (Polyvinylchloride) and the adhesive based on natural rubber, hydrocarbon resins and solvents are the components of our NARTAPE line.
Typical of PVC are the excellent mechanical characteristics of resistance, plasticity and conformability and silence during unrolling.
The strength of the support makes the products of this line the best choice for every kind of packaging and for all traditional uses.


The support in PP (Polypropylene) can be used in combination with the three most popular adhesive technologies: adhesives based on natural rubber (POLINAR), adhesives based on synthetic rubber (POLINAR HM) and adhesives based on acrylic dispersions (ACRILNAR).
The characteristics of strength and brightness typical of this polymer film make it suitable for all uses in the packaging field.

linea crepeline


The semi-crepe paper backing can be coated with natural rubber (NARMASK) and synthetic rubber based adhesives (NARMASK HM and PAPERPACK). The particular creping allows a perfect adaptability to curved surfaces. This, combined with the strength of the support, makes the products of the NARMASK lines the ideal solution for all masking needs.
The PAPERPACK line, on the other hand, is particularly suitable for everyday use packaging.

carta kraft


The self-adhesive tape with kraft paper support is used in combination with synthetic rubber adhesives (PAPERPACK). The stiffness of the support allows an easy application even without using hand dispensers. In the glass fiber reinforced version, kraft paper is the ideal choice for any packaging need, even the heaviest one.

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