At NAR we want to be a reference point for our partners and colleagues not only for what we do, but also for how we do it.
We have always been committed to creating and maintaining a business culture based on ethical principles and behaviours that are correct and transparent. This effort is also recognised by a certification of the AGCM (Competition and Market Guarantor Authority): il Rating di Legalità. (i.e. Legality Rating).
This is an indicator of the compliance of a business to high legal standards and of the attention dedicated towards the correct management of its activities. The certification takes the form of a point-based system that starts from a minimum of one star to a maximum of three stars.
NAR S.p.A. has scored the maximum attainable of three stars.


The food sector is amongst the most demanding sectors in terms of packaging, whether it is intended for direct or indirect contact with food.
All packaging components, not least self-adhesive tapes, must have high quality and safety standards and their production processes must comply in all phases with the “Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)”.
In the version approved for food contact, our self-adhesive tapes from the ACRILNAR (link alla famiglia) family conform to the most stringent requirements in this field and are capable of satisfying the most demanding applications in the food industry.

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Since its foundation in 1963, NAR has operated with the objective of becoming a reliable supplier for its customers. We have always strived to establish a relationship guided by the logic of complete satisfaction of our clients’ needs and requests. The natural evolution of this approach was the attainment in 1999 of ISO 9001 certification, which formally certifies that the quality system of a company operates according to an international standard.
This system is further strengthened by the directives instructed by the Management, who aim to constantly promote in the organisation the skill of gathering and analysing all requests and requirements from customers, in order to deliver solutions that satisfy them, whilst simultaneously advancing NAR’s position in terms of technological innovation, process innovation and overall improvement of the services offered.
The standard also requires a periodic check of the organisation by a third party control body that then releases the certification available here below.


We have always pursued a policy based on eliminating wastes and reducing the environmental impact. For this reason, we have specific systems and robust procedures for the disposal and recycling of production wastes, for the guarantee of health and safety regulations, for emissions and noise control.
To assure an efficient use of resources, all machines are equipped with the most advanced technologies such as sophisticated energy recovery systems in the air treatment plants, the installation of inverters on the biggest motors or, more simply, the use of high efficiency LED lights for office, production and external spaces instead of more traditional light sources.
The complex systems for the recovery and reuse of solvents can prevent any emission in the environment. Throughout the years, our efforts have been recognised and formalised with the acquisition of the ISO 14001 (Environment, in 2013) and ISO 50001 (Energy, 2016) certifications.
Moreover, some of our products are FSC® certified, a further contribution to the environment through responsible forest management.

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