The MASKING line includes masking self-adhesive tapes with support in semi-crepe paper and adhesive based in natural (solvent) or synthetic (hot melt) rubber. 

The product range with natural rubber-based adhesive meets all specific masking requirements, i.e.: automotive sector, interior and exterior paintings, decorative and industrial coatings and protective masking in general.

The combination of various paper supports with different types of adhesives allows the manufacturing of products with different resistance features to usage temperatures and to UV rays exposure. Specifically, the heat resistance tests carried out by the NAR laboratories indicate a resistance at 55°C  guaranteed for 90 minutes for NARMASK 340, while for temperatures above 70°C, the product is guaranteed for 30 minutes. NARMASK 360, which is the most versatile product meant to meet multiple needs, is guaranteed for a resistance of 90 minutes at 60°C / 30 minutes at 80°C. NARCAR, in its versions 350 and 380, is formulated to withstand even more demanding conditions: the tests carried out show that this product resists at 80°C for 90 minutes and at a temperature of 110°C for 30 minutes.

NARMASK UVR 380, besides preserving the characteristics of temperature resistance of the NARMASK family, thanks to its particular formulation, can resists for a week when exposed to UV rays.

Self-adhesive masking tapes with natural rubber-based adhesive do not leave residues once removed. 

Self-adhesive masking tapes with hot melt adhesive are practical and economical and can be used for several applications, mainly in the Do-it-Yourself sector.

All the items of the MASKING line have high conformability and mechanical resistance and can be easily cut by hand.

The backing weight of the paper support ranges from 52 to 76 g/mq, the total thickness from 115 to 150 μm. The breaking load is between > 25 to > 35 N/cm, the percentage elongation at break is more than 6%

White NARMASK HM 320 and NARMASK HM 330 are available also with FSC® certification (FSC-C135011).

R.E.A. 122597 - M PD 001378 / Reg. Imprese Padova C.F. / P.IVA IT 00376690285 - Cap. Soc. € 5.600.000 i.v.