PAPER PACK is the self-adhesive tape with support in crepe paper or in mono-silicon kraft paper, either smooth or reinforced with glass fibers. The hot melt adhesive, characterized by its high performances, makes this product suitable for any packaging application.

The backing weight ranges from 58 to 105 g/m², the total thickness from 125 to 200 μm, the breaking load from > 31 to > 130 N/cm, the percentage elongation at break is more than 5% for NARKRAFT REINFORCED 490, more than 7% for RENEWA TAPE 465, ECOMASK 460 and HM 460. All PAPER PACK tapes can be easily hand cut, with the exception of NARKFRAFT REINFORCED 490.

In particular, ECOMASK 460 and ECOMASK HM 460 are self-adhesive tapes with semi-crepe paper support. They have an excellent grip after application, they can be used both with manual dispensers and with automatic sealing machines and are particularly suitable for light weight packaging.

With regard to NARKRAFT, it is the line of self-adhesive tapes with backing in smooth or reinforced kraft paper, suitable for heavy weight (NARKRAFT REINFORCED 490) packaging.

The special formulation of the self-adhesive tape made of smooth or reinforced kraft paper guarantees excellent adhesion on cardboard with consequent anti-shoplifting features. The stiffness of the support, moreover, allows an easy application even without the use of hand dispensers.

R.E.A. 122597 - M PD 001378 / Reg. Imprese Padova C.F. / P.IVA IT 00376690285 - Cap. Soc. € 5.600.000 i.v.