PRINTED TAPES are self-adhesive tapes with support in polypropylene or PVC, printed or pre-printed ("sandwich") and adhesive based on natural rubber, resins and solvents.

The endless personalization of colours and patterns combined with the versatility of the solvent adhesive make these products the ideal solution for any type of customized packaging.

In particular, POLIPRINT 240, POLINARPRINT 260 and POLINARPRINT 265 can be applied by automatic sealing machines and are suitable for packaging at low temperatures thanks to the characteristics of immediate adhesion on every cardboard surface, combined with the resistance and brightness typical of polypropylene film.

NARPRINT 140 and NARPRINT 165 can be used for all traditional uses due to the excellent mechanical characteristics of strength, plasticity, conformability and adhesiveness combined with silent unrolling.

Concerning NARPOUCH 240 and NARPOUCH 260, they are indicated for the protection of documents – both delivery notes and certificates – to be included on parcels during shipments. The particular production technology of these tapes, in fact, allows an inhibition of some areas of the adhesive, thus avoiding any damage to the documents contained therein, which are either applied manually on the envelope or through a table dispenser. The printed area and the inhibited adhesion areas can be customized.

The printed self-adhesive tapes with polypropylene or PVC supports are available in a wide range of thicknesses (backing thickness from 28 to 37 μm, total thickness from 47 to 56 μm) and sizes. The breaking load ranges from > 39 to > 50 N/cm, the percentage elongation at break is more than 48% for NARPRINT 140 and NARPRINT 165, and more than 116% for the printed POLINAR lines.

POLIPRINT 240, POLINARPRINT 260 and POLINARPRINT 265 can be applied by automatic sealing machines.

R.E.A. 122597 - M PD 001378 / Reg. Imprese Padova C.F. / P.IVA IT 00376690285 - Cap. Soc. € 5.600.000 i.v.