Handling and storage

It is good practice to use the product within 12 months from purchase date (6 months if jumbo). The unrolling strength of the tape normally increases in time. The tape must be kept in a dry place, at humidity level below 65%, preferably at a temperature between 15 °C and 25 °C. If the storage temperature is different, restore the tape back to above level before using it. Keep it out of the light, protect from frost and from direct heat sources. The rolls must be stored horizontally and kept in their original packing. Don’t keep the product in direct touch with the ground. Handle the product with care to avoid damaging it and consequently altering its correct use.


Under normal conditions the tape is not toxic and does not generally cause problems on contact with the skin. In case of subjective hypersensitivity, see the doctor. It is advisable to use the tape with the proper dispensers and machine or hand applicators with blades suitable to a correct cut. Avoid contacts with eyes, the mouth and hair. Use in handling normal precautions and, after, follow ordinary rules of personal hygiene. The tape is not approved for medical use, for bandaging and contact with foodstuff. The product is not biodegradable, do not disperse it in the environment after use. The disposal, recycling and elimination must be done in compliance with the regional, national, European Community and international regulations. The products are not flammable but can burn on contact with free flames.The thermal decomposition can produce fumes and noxious substances such as carbon monoxide and dioxide, carbon and unidentified organic compounds.Fire fighting staff must use appropriate extinction means and wear suitable equipment for the protection of the respiratory tract and the eyes.


This product has a wide range of applications. However it is advisable to check the use it is meant for, the surface of application and its cleanliness. The self-adhesive tapes are released unintentionally articles and therefore they don’t need safety data sheets according to any national and European Community laws in force concerning “substances” and “preparations”. The information and recommendations contained in this document derive from the best of our knowledge, data and conviction at the time of publishing this sheet and relate to the products in the state in which they are supplied. However, none of the contents of this sheet constitutes an express or implicit warranty. Additional indications are available in the last edition of the booklet “Raccomandazioni per la scelta, lo stoccaggio e l’uso dei nastri autoadesivi” published by Federazione Gomma Plastica.

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